Ware handling Parts and Consumables

Ware handling parts and consumables

Redfoot manufactures a complete range of products to address hot glass contact and associated equipment during hot end ware handling. Stainless steel braids are  welded onto exchangeable parts for replacement of existing products on machines and mechanisms to ensure ease of fit,durability and longer life.
Stainless steel braided parts replace carbon, graphite, Teflon  or similar hot glass contact material. Parts can be custom made or selected to fit and compliment most original equipment suppliers product ranges.
The stainless steel braid products has the following benefits over existing materials normally associated with hot glass contact:
  • Longer life – typically a stainless steel braided stacker insert or radial transfer finger will last around 7-12 months, depending on the size of the container.
  • No checking – highly resistant to thermal checking the hot glass containers during the handling from sweep-out to the lehr.
  • No part breakage – The stainless steel braid is secured to the metal piece by welding, thus severe impact on the piece of equipment does not cause the piece to shatter and break or fall off when secured with silicone/glue.
  • No contamination – Used inserts or fingers can be placed in a washer together with other variable equipment when job changes occur and will be clean and oil free when used again.
  • Direct replacement – existing holders or brackets do not need to be modified to fit the welded stainless steel products.
Due to industry demand, Redfoot has developed a range of stacker pockets and side pockets to replace existing graphite pieces. Inserts can be fitted on various heights, thereby increasing the range of ware to be stacked from short to odd shaped ware.
Stacker Pockets and Inserts
Redfoot provides equipment associated with glass container ware handling that meets industry standards:

  • Wear plates: wear strips, lehr dead plates and  radial transfer deadplate.
  • Stacker pockets and securing spring nuts
  • Radial transfer finger assemblies - left or right configurations
  • Duplex chain with extended securing pins in various lengths and finger counts
  • Radial transfer curved guides
Wiper 904 5351
Transfer Fingers

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