Orifice Ring Metal Inserts

Redfoot supplies metal orifice ring inserts to the container glass industry that significantly prolongs orifice ring life.

The metal inserts are manufactured out of a high temperature metal alloy as a two piece part that screws unto an orifice ring before installation unto the fore hearth. Advantages of using Redfoot metal orifice ring inserts are:

  • Orifice ring life of 4 - 6 months
  • Less stoppages during extended production runs
  • Less adjustment of rotating tube height resulting in stability of gob weight during the production run
  • Orifice ring inserts fits unto existing feeder expendables
  • Used on single, double triple and quad gob configurations 
Orifice Ring Insert

Standard sizes

Inserts with longer internal bodies can also be manufactured to accommodate different orifice ring thicknesses.

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