Conveyor Chain

Conveyors and Sprockets

Pennine Industrial Equipment

Pennine Industrial Equipment provides a complete product range for transportation of hot glass containers from the I.S. machine to the lehr. The silent, inverted tooth chain is available in side guide, center guide and multi guide  styles. Apart from the various styles that is available, Pennine has various configurations to choose from ensuring the final customer is given a chain that address their specific needs and provides practical solutions. 

  • All link and link/spacer assemblies
  • Double link assemblies to ensure maximum strength and most cooling.
  • Pin head protection in various styles to suit sprocket/guide design
  • Link/thin spacer  the best of both worlds when comparing all link and link and spacer chains.
  • Stainless steel  link chain for glass quality considerations

2 Pin Chain

Two pin chains

Pennine has recently launched a Two pin chain for high speed and demanding environments.

Key points of the new two pin chains:

  • Highest performing chain in the most demanding environments
  • Designed for use in high speed production
  • Laser welded pins to prevent pin head protrusion
  • Less maintenance and elongation than single pin chains at higher speeds
  • Direct replacement for most other inverted tooth conveyor chain

2PCW-150 Reduced size
2 Pin chain



Sprockets to suit all OEM equipment manufacturers on I.S. machine and cross conveyors are provided and will fit all other silent chain manufacturers chains. Any chain guidance  and number of teeth can be catered for and special tooth hardness can be provided where normal sprocket designs fall short.

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