Hot & Cold End Coating


Imaca supplies a complete range of equipment and chemicals  for the coating of glass containers. The product range caters for various line speeds and container dimensions. The design and ease of operation has made Imaca an industry leader and the preferred supplier in glass container manufacturing today.

Imaca Covers the Following Areas:

Hot End
  • Coating hoods with control equipment for line speeds up to 850 bpm
  • Central feeding systems to ensure employee safety in handling the chemical
  • Separate line feeding systems
  • Pumps, piping, fittings measurement and control equipment for use with hot end coating material
  • Hot end coating chemicals(MBTC)

Cold End Coating
  • Overbelt spray bridges
  • Underbelt spray bridges
  • Mixing stations
  • Cold end coating chemicals - PE Wax applyable to containers as low as 70’C
Coating Hood
Spray Bridge

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