Temperature Sensing


Tempsens specialize in the design and manufacture of high precision temperature sensors for the Glass  Industry. For more than 40 years Tempsens served major projects and  re-builds with total Temperature Sensor Solutions which covers areas from the Spout bowl to the Stack . Customers experience Long service life with Tempsens thermocouples, as  Tempsens use special hardened platinum sheathing in our thimbles / claddings and all thermocouple elements used are Class 1, duly calibrated in our in house NABL accredited laboratory, which is traceable to international standards.


  • Various measuring points - single, double and tri level couples
  • Spout, forehearth, refiner, throat, crown, wall, glass level and stack couples available in customer and/or custom design
  • Platinum or ceramic heavy wall thickness (HWT) couples available
  • Compensating cables, connectors and connection heads of various styles and materials completes tempsense supply

Portable Mould Glass Thermometer

The PGM (Portable Glass Mold Thermometer) is a hand held, battery powered Non-Contact thermometer designed primarily for the measurement of mold temperatures in the container glass industry.  The PGM is equipped with fiber optic, an optical head and display which shows the current temperature. Readings taken are stored into memory and logged with Serial number and date/time for review later. Stored temperature readings are held in memory until deleted, they are not lost when the unit is turned off or the battery is removed. it provides a powerful data logging capability with storage for up to 1000 measurements.
Fiber optic tips are available as separate parts, thus allowing for calibration and repair in  glass plants. Fibre optic tips can be produced by Redfoot for most other mould temperature probes and is a direct replacement on existing equipment.

Calibration Furnaces

Tempsenseoffers a complete solution by supplying a portable calibration furnace to allow for in house confirmation and calibration of the PGM.
Hand Held Probe
Various Fibre Tips
Calibration Furnaces

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