I.S. Variable Equipment


Innovation begins with Lattimer

For more than 30 years Lattimer has been at the forefront of design and manufacture of parts and accessories for the glass container industry. It is our experience and resources, combined with our philosophy of motivating and inspiring others to move in the right direction that has set the standard in glass engineering.
Our experienced and highly committed service and design teams ensure our innovative products are available throughout the world.
Products are either manufactured as industry standard or custom designed to suit your individual needs. New products are constantly being developed and our in-house design team are tasked with developing new products every year.
 Although we are at the forefront of product innovation, we are also committed to achieving the highest standards of product quality, that applies not only to the latest innovative product but also to the products we have manufactured for decades.

Lattimer Products

  • Pushers
  • Mould Holder Assemblies
  • Mould Holder Inserts
  • Neck Ring Mechanism
  • Neck Ring Arms
  • Hinged-Back Blowhead& Baffle Arms
  • Quick Change Blowhead arm
  • Takeout Arm (belt and chain driven)
  • Tong head and cartridges
  • Funnel Arms
  • Checking Fixtures
  • Spares & Accessories
  • Linear Action Tong Holder

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