Feeder Expendables


REFMON is a producer of ceramic feeder expendables and precast shapes used in the container glass manufacturing industry.  Refmon supplies all the major glass container manufacturing groups in 5 continents and has representation in 39 countries across the world. By using vibrocast Technology and Refmon’s chemical bonding knowhow, the expendables are produced with shorter lead times and superior quality on corrosion and erosion at elevated temperatures.         

Refmon produce the standard range of feeder expendables in various ceramic formulations and grades to cater for container manufacturers specific needs. The range includes:

  • Orifice Rings
  • Plungers/Needles
  • Rotating tubes
  • Rotor Segments
  • Stirrers
  • Spout bowls with or without inserts
  • Spout Burner blocks
  • Spout Cover blocks
  • Forehearth Channel Blocks
  • Forehearth Cover Blocks
  • Forehearth Burner blocks
  • Melting Tank Burner Blocks
  • Melting Tank Peep Hole Block
  • Doghouse Protection Arch

Refmon Exploded view

Expendables with technological advanced materials and designs such as the patented helix rotor tube, the isostatically pressed chrome (94%) inserted spout bowl  and the Alumina inserted orifice rings are proof of their continual investment and  commitment to the glass industry. 

Helix tube advantages

  • Lower residence time of lower glass melt
  • Prevention of cord in glass melt  

Spout Bowl with Insert

Inserted orifice rings

  • Alumina insert can be provided on any size or shape orifice ring
  • Improoved life of 90-120 days
  • Gob and weight stability due to the low wear rate 

Helix Tube

Inserted spout bowl advantages are:

  • Available in Fused cast or isostatically pressed chrome insert (94%)
  • Major improvement in lifetime over standard spouts
  • Standard sizes and designs in stock

Orifice Ring

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