Working with suppliers, Redfoot is able to supply the glass container market with lubricants whilst meeting the stringent requirements with I.S. machine manufacturer approvals and products conforming to international benchmarks on food safety.


Interglass is focused exclusively on the container glass industry  and supplies a complete range of lubrication products from Gob shearing to finished container. The range cover the following areas:

  • Shear lubrication oils
  • Delivery oils
  • Delivery coatings
  • Blank and mould swabbing lubricants
  • Touch up lubricants
  • Neck ring lubricants
  • I.S. machine lubricants
  • Conveyor lubricants


Sogelub specializes in lubricants, with a dedicated division focussing on glass. Specialized and focussed products are supplied through Redfoot that covers the following areas:

  • Graphite swabbing lubricants
  • Non graphite swabbing lubricants
  • Graphite aerosol spray for precoating blanks and moulds
  • Food grade, cold end chain lubricants

Swabbing Stations

Swabbing stations with press wipe drying screen and hanging bracket  is supplied to glass plants in various configurations:

  • Single, double or triple trays to ensure no mixture of swabbing oils
  • Removable trays to ease cleaning and prevent contamination
  • Swabbing station can be supplied as portable or stationary option
  • Easy assembly and durable
  • Drum storage level for filling swabbing trays

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