Operator Bottle Tongs


Forming machine operators use specially made tongs to remove hot containers from the production line for inspection and quality checks. The bottle tongs needs to be robust to handle the conditions and environment it is exposed to. Together with glass factories, Redfoot has developed and refined a robust bottle tong that will outlast most other tongs whilst giving ease of use – even with the thick cotton gloves used by forming operators.


Features are:

  • Stainless steel construction to ensure durability
  • 8mm solid rod on main frame to prevent bending when used to remove jam-ups
  • 6mm front grippers to ensure fit under the finish of the container
  • Robust stainless steel spring ensuring long life
  • A precision manufactured stainless steel hinge to ensure alignment and tight clearance
  • Gripper guide to ensure grippers are always aligned 


Closed Operator Bottle Tong
Open Operator Bottle Tong


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