Shear Blades


Putsch® has over 140 years of experience in manufacturing knives and cutting tools of all kinds.

For almost 100 years, Putsch® has been producing high-heat resistant shear blades for the glass industry. Today, Putsch® is one of the world’s leading producers of shear blades and tools for the manufacturing of glass products.

Special Steel

The raw material used for Putsch® shear blades is a special composition, high­quality, high heat­resistant steel. Its composition is especially well suited for necessary requirements of flexibility and hardness of Putsch® shear blades. The special hardening procedure used by Putsch® produces a material structure in the shear blades that has a particularly high proportion of wear­resistant carbides. They protect the blade against mechanical stress and the increased resistance of impurities in the molten glass among others. The high proportion of carbides in the material structure also ensures excellent recovery properties after a temporary thermal overload.


All Putsch® shear blades are known for their particularly high cutting quality. This is as a result of the manufacturing techniques, attention to quality and treatment processes during forming of each blade.

Precise manufacturing setup

During manufacturing, Putsch® places special attention on the parallelism and flatness tolerances of each shear blade. Our due diligence results in precisely manufactured knives and reduction of pressure on the cutting flanks and also eliminates any visible marks on the blades.

Highly stable shapes

The special shape of the Putsch® shear blades is the result of decades of practical experience and close cooperation with experts in the glass industry throughout the world. The special knife geometry and the design of the side stamping makes Putsch® shear blades very stable and guarantee high cutting quality with a long life.

Clean separation of the glass flow

Putsch® manufactures shear blades with a straight cutting edge. The standard cutting angle is 30°. For special applications, shear blades with 45° and 60° cutting angles are also produced. The precise grinding of the cutting edges ensures a clean separation of the glass flow resulting in uniform gob loading. A special rear grind of the upper cutting edge prevents shear marks.

Putsch® shear blades are put through a multi-stage process where individual sections are hardened to different levels. Within this special hardening process, the partially flexible material in the clamping areas as well as the extra-hardened zones in the cutting areas are seperated.

The flexability on the clamping areas are thus effectively protecting against wear due to excessive pressure on the cutting edge whilst the cutting edge remain sharp due to extra hardened zones in this area.

Heated Shear Blade
Putch Shear Blade Testing
Shear Blade SM1775
Shear Blade SM3167
Shear Blade SM2316
Shear Blade SM5230
Putch Sheer Blade Edge


Due to the high level of parallelism and flatness of Putsch® shear blades, the difference between the individual blades is fine­tuned and the cutting edge pressure is reduced to a minimum. All Putsch® shear blades are presorted to match within a tolerance of ±0.1 mm from the mounting surface to the cutting edge. This presorting allows for the use of shear blade pairs in single, double, triple or quad gob operation. This ensures consistent performance when changing blades.


Consistently high quality products and world-wide, on-time delivery are the basis of customer confidence with Putsch®.

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