Ware handling

A complete range of products to cover hot glass contact. Braids are  welded to exchange parts to fit existing  machines and mechanisms to ensure durability and longer life. Product range covers:

  • Wiper / pushers
  • Hot glass Guides
  • Starwheel / radial transfer
  • Stacker / Lehr loader 

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Graphite products 

Mersen supplies a complete range of consumable parts to facilitate the removal of hot glass containers from the I.S. machine to the lehr loader under the Cerberite range of products. All custom finishes and GPI specifications (Glass Packaging Institute) can be supplied. Speciality graphites for exact applications are specified to ensure longer and shorter production runs are catered for.  The range of products cover the following: 

  • Take out inserts
  • Steel tongs
  • Mould top inserts
  • Sweep out fingers (moulded or machined)
  • Starwheel fingers (moulded or machined)
  • Lehr loader pockets (inserts or complete pockets)

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Pennine Industrial Equipment provides a complete product range for transportation of hot glass containers from the I.S. machine to the lehr. Multi, center and side guide chain with various assembly arrangements available to ensure maximum cooling whilst maintaining maximum chain strength. Product range covers:

  • Machine and cross conveyor
  • Sprockets 

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The Pennine product brochure can also be downloaded here.  

Hot end Lubrication

Interglass supplies a complete range of lubrication products from Gob shearing to finished container. The range cover the following areas:

  • Shear lubrication oils
  • Delivery oils
  • Delivery coatings
  • Blank and mould swabbing lubricants
  • Touch up lubricants
  • Neck ring lubricants
  • I.S. machine lubricants
  • Conveyor lubricants


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Inspection and packaging

System RES supplies a range of consumable parts  for cold end equipment. Parts are interchangeable with all major manufacturers of inspection machines and palletizer equipment. The range covers the following areas:

  • Foam belts for camera inspection machines
  •  Roller bearings and rotating cuffs for rotary inspection machines
  • Vacuum plates for wide mouth containers
  •  Wide range of gripper tubes to suit every container shape and dimension

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Hot and cold end coatings

Imaca supplies a complete range of equipment and chemicals  for the coating of glass containers. The product range caters for various line speeds and container dimensions and covers the following areas:

Hot end

  • Coating hoods
  • Central feeding systems
  •  MBTC material
Cold end coating
  •  Spray bridges
  •  Mixing stations
  • PE Wax and sterate  material


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Mould cleaning/maintenance

Zirpro supplies a range of ceramic beads for rotary and air shot blasters. Usage is 10x less than conventional glass or steel shot  with an estimated 5x improvement in mould life.

Go to zirpro or contact us for more information. The Zirpro ceramic bead brochure can also be downloaded “here”.  

Furnace and I.S. machines

BDF Industries ranks among the four largest suppliers of engineering solutions and equipment to the glass industry worldwide. It is the sole player in the hollow glass market able to offer turnkey plants from the engineering to maintenance services. BDF Industries is an EPC company of plants and equipment, from food &ampules; beverage to perfumery and pharmaceutical products. BDF Industries

operates through four product lines focused on different activities within the glass industry:

  • Forming (I.S. machines, Feeders, Conveyors, radial transfers, stackers etc.)
  • Melting (Furnace design, control, start-ups, consulting services)
  • Automation (Customized control systems)
  • Energy (Cogeneration plants for glass furnaces, flue gas treatment plants, consulting services )

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Mould repairs

Wall Colmonoy is the pioneering and leading developer of Surfacing Alloys for the glass container industry, Wall Colmonoy has been protecting and restoring glass moulds for over 65 years.

Wall Colmonoy provides specially formulated wear-resistant COLMONOY® (nickel-based) and WALLEX™ (cobalt-based) Surfacing Alloys including Tungsten Carbide Composite alloys for plunger manufacturing.

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